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The favourite food of silverfish is the glue in the binded books.

Silverfish Control Melbourne

Silverfish falls under the fabric and textile pest category. These types of pests infest your house and offices and damage fabric and paper products. If you are dealing with a silverfish infestation, call the Orbit Pest Control experts for advice and silverfish control in Melbourne.

Silverfish thrive in almost every climate and it is very easy for them to set up their colony. Dark, damp, warm, and humid places are best for silverfish. Hence, they will build their colony in bathrooms, kitchens, roof voids, wall cavities, cupboards, and bookshelves.

Even though they are not considered dangerous for the health of humans, they are still pests and cause damage to your property. Silverfish won’t bite you but they will contaminate your food, damage your property, and damage your personal stuff like photos, documents, books and other items that contain cellulose or starch which makes silverfish bug control essential. The silverfish pest control cost is not expensive, especially when you consider the cost of ignoring a potential infestation.

Hence, if you have silverfish infestation, you should immediately call our silverfish pest control service in Melbourne. We offer one of the country’s most effective and quick silverfish pest control services and that too at a very reasonable rate.

Our silverfish control Melbourne service is fast, effective, convenient, and cheap!

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Types of Silverfish Found in Melbourne

There are many species of silverfish found in Australia. The country has warm and humid weather and that is perfect for silverfish. Hence, it is very widespread in the country. Due to their low requirements to survive, you will find silverfish infestation very common in the country. 

What follows are some of the common species of silverfish found in Australia:  



Normally known as fishmoth, this type of silverfish is commonly found across the country. This species feeds on starch and sugar and can be 13 to 25 mm long. They prefer to dwell in moist areas and are found in attics or basements. They will cause extensive damage to clothing, papers, carpets, photos, cotton, silk, and linen products. Also, this species can survive for a year without any food.



This type of silverfish is a herbivore and feeds on plant matter and fungi. You can find this type of silverfish under the barks of the tree, under rocks, or in rotten logs. These insects can also dwell with other creatures like ants and termites.



This type of silverfish dwells indoors in warm places, avoids direct light, and resides in dark spaces. You will find them in damp environments like bathrooms and kitchens. This type of silverfish feed on crumbs, cereals, food scraps, dried meat, clothes, and paper.



Having identified the type of silverfish that can infest your home or office, it's crucial to be aware that a silverfish infestation can lead to property damage. Therefore, it is advisable to contact professionals such as Orbit Pest Control in Melbourne for silverfish control before the situation escalates.

Having identified the type of silverfish that can infest your home or office, it’s crucial to be aware that a silverfish infestation can lead to property damage. Therefore, it is advisable to contact professionals such as Orbit Pest Control in Melbourne for silverfish control before the situation escalates.

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Indications of Silverfish Infestation

Before you call for any silverfish pest control Melbourne service, you must look for infestation signs. There are some indications that can help you decide whether your house is under attack from silverfish requiring silverfish pest control near me. These indications are:

These are the signs of a silverfish infestation in your house or office. Call our silverfish removal service and book a trustworthy and inexpensive silverfish pest control in Melbourne.

Sign of Silverfish Infestation

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Our Silverfish Pest Control Experts’ Procedure

At Orbit Pest Control, our silverfish pest control experts offer a thorough silverfish removal service that includes the extermination of the pest from your property as well as prevention tips to stop them from returning. Our procedure consists of three stages of silverfish pest control to make your property healthy, safe, and infestation-free.


After you contact us, our qualified exterminator will inspect your property at your convenient hours. We will identify the species, the extent of the infestation, the amount of damage inflicted on your property, and the nesting areas of the pest. Our inspection will also identify the factors that contributed to the infestation of silverfish at your property.

Silverfish Pest Control Treatment

Our silverfish control Melbourne experts will customise a treatment plan for you based on the inspection. It will consist of all the details regarding pest control like the procedure, duration of the treatment, expected results, and instructions to the inhabitants. Our experts will inform you about the whole treatment plan before starting to provide you transparent silverfish removal service.

Silverfish pest control process

Once the plan is good to go, our certified technicians will complete their silverfish removal service. We have all the modern tools that can access all the cracks on the floor and walls to treat the pest after clearing it. Our exterminators will also use spray chemicals and insecticides to treat a severe infestation. We only use chemicals that are approved for domestic use.

Why Orbit Pest Control For Silverfish Control?

We at Orbit Pest Control will provide you with excellent silverfish control in Melbourne. We are Australia’s preferred company because we offer: 

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If you are looking for a reliable silverfish control in Melbourne, then call Orbit Pest Control. We will provide you with a fantastic silverfish removal service at reasonable rates. So, don’t wait for an infestation to grow, just call us and make your home pest-free!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you choose Orbit Pest Control, then yes, our exterminators will be able to get rid of silverfish. We use all the latest technology to help you get rid of the insect from your property. Our chemicals are potent for silverfish but are safe for humans and pets. So, choose an expert exterminator like us to get rid of silverfish.

The timings will purely depend on the extent of the infestation. If the infestation is too big then I will take time. If you call us at the beginning of the infestation, then our staff will be able to remove it easily without too much effort.

Yes, silverfish do require pest control as they will harm your property. Silverfish feed on starch and sugar. So, your property like books, wallpapers, clothes, etc., is unsafe. If you let it grow, then you will face a huge loss. Hence, it is better to get pest control for silverfish.

Yes, it is hard to get rid of silverfish if you do it by yourself. This can happen due to not enough knowledge regarding its species and how to treat them. However, if you choose exterminators like us, you will be able to deal with them easily and quickly.

Our silverfish control Melbourne experts follow a three-step procedure to deal with the infestation. Our process includes inspection, treatment plan information, and implementation. This will clean your house thoroughly and help you get rid of the silverfish infestation.

  • Decrease clutter as well as food sources for the pests at your property. 
  • Maintain hygiene and cleanliness at your property. Mop floors, clean food spills and containers regularly. 
  • Decrease the interior humidity using an AC or dehumidifier. 
  • Add a ventilation system in the basement, attic, and other closed areas of the property. 

Check for any infestation at the property and contact professional silverfish control in Melbourne as soon as you notice something. 

Silverfish feed on starch and sugar. So, these insects can harm your books, wallpapers, clothes, and many other starchy products of your house. Additionally, you will find them in the kitchen due to its favourable atmosphere. So, they can also contaminate your food and destroy food items.

The cost of the silverfish removal service will depend on the extent of the infestation. If the infestation is in the beginning stage, then it will not cost you too much. However, if it is in a very advanced stage, you may have to pay a little more. However, with us, that will not be the case. We offer fantastic silverfish pest control in Melbourne at reasonable rates!

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