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Borer Larvae can hide inside wood for years at a time.

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Borers are those nasty creatures that damage the wood. If there is an infestation, you will find damage to your home’s flooring, roof, furniture, and other wooden items. The borer dirt and escape holes are common signs of borer infestation. Any damage to the wood in your home or business due to pests indicates the existence of borers.

Don’t wait anymore if you doubt borer infestation in your residential or commercial property. It’s time to take the help of professionals to deal with the situation. We at Orbit Pest Control have great expertise in handling wood borers in house or business. Once hired, we act immediately to prevent further damage to your property. We do not let these pests live anymore in your place.

We provide comprehensive borer pest control Melbourne services in all suburbs. These tiny pests evolve within the woodwork and result in weak and even collapsing furniture. Once these borers enter your place, they can cause huge damage to the wood. We use the best wood borers treatment to keep them away from your house and workplace.

Wood Borer Treatment In Melbourne

Wood Borer species Found in Melbourne

Australia has several types of borer with specific characteristics, and they cause different levels of damage to wood furniture and goods. When it comes to Melbourne, your furniture can be attacked by the following types of borers:

Anobium borer

Anobium borer

Australian Wood Borer

Australian Wood Borer

Lyctus Borer

Lyctus Borer

Wood Weevil

Wood Weevil

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Signs of Wood Borer Infestation

Are you not getting whether there are wood issues due to borers? Are you not familiar with the signs and symptoms of borer infestation? No worry at all! Just go through these signs to confirm the actual situation at your place. There is a borer infestation if:

Contact us if you notice any of these signs that indicate a borer infestation in your home or business. We aim to help our clients save their valuable furniture and other products. Damaging furniture is not only a loss of money, but some people have some memories or emotions attached to the furniture in their homes. We can help you get out of this situation with the best borer pest control treatment.

Borer inhabitation

Why To Hire Professional Wood Borers Treatment

Borers do not just damage your furniture and other wooden products; they also bring harmful effects on humans’ health. So, it is important to keep wood borers away from your property. Hiring professional treatment for controlling and preventing wood borers poses various benefits.

It simply means that having borer infestation in your home or business means you are going to have damaged furniture soon. Why wait for anything when you are aware of its consequences? You can trust us for borer pest control in Melbourne.

Orbit Pest Control is a trusted name for residents in Melbourne – both homeowners and business owners. Our team of qualified and certified technicians do their best to eradicate the borer problem with the most effective treatment.

We’re on call 24/7 to react promptly to your emergencies.

Our Procedure For Wood Borers Treatment

At Orbit Pest Control, we provide professional borer pest control service through a 3-step procedure. Whether you want to eliminate borers from your residential or commercial property, our experienced team will help you get the best service in Melbourne. If you are dealing with severe borer infestation, pick up your phone and call us immediately. We will perform these steps for the right wood borers treatment.


Once you hire us, our professionals will act quickly and inspect your property. We will visit your place to identify the type of borer species, the root cause of the infestation, level of the infestation, the extent of the damage, and various other factors. We believe in working closely with our clients. So, we will inform you about the suitable steps for your borer control.

Treatment Plan

Once we get all the required details from the inspection, we will create a treatment plan. We will also assist you in choosing the right treatment based on the situation. We focus on protecting your furniture and other wooden products from future pest attacks. Also, the type of treatment developed for one client differs from another. 

We will keep you informed about the timeline, entire treatment process, and pest control guidelines. We will also tell you about the expected outcome.

Prevention Tips

We at Orbit Pest Control believe in making your property and the surrounding environment safe and healthy. So, we use eco-friendly solutions to treat wood borers in the house or commercial property. We use different treatments that best fits the situation, your needs, and budget.

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Orbit Pest Control is a renowned and reputed pest control company. Here, we promise you sheer commitment, tenacity, and quality service. 

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Frequently Asked Question

Different signs can help you in detecting borer pests. These include decaying furniture, windows, doors, and floorboards. You may also see holes under the carpet. If you find a borer infestation, it’s time to call Orbit Pest Control for eradicating borers from your place.

These pests, wood borers, are usually white in colour and round in shape. You can find different borer species, where they need different treatments to remove them. We are able to control, treat, and prevent all types of borers.

There are various ways to help you know that you have a borer pest in your house. The common signs include tone ticking, dropouts, frass under the wooden products, the presence of tunnels in furniture, dead beetles existence, and others. As soon as you get to know about the borer infestation in your home, contact our experts immediately for effective borer control.

Before starting any kind of borer control technique, you need to consider some factors. If there is a severe infestation, you can consider various treatments, such as treating a specific area, sterilization, or you can also use insecticides.

The cost of borer pest control depends on various factors. These include the type of borer, the extent of the infestation, size and type of property, the treatment you have chosen, your unique requirements, and others. The cost of each treatment plan is different from another.

Yes, these pests can cause harm to the flooring, especially timber flooring. You can contact us as soon you notice any sign of borer existence in your home or business. We also provide same day borer control service.

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