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Did you know Possums are non-aggressive and non-destructive until frightened?

Possum Removal Service Melbourne

Possums are a species that doesn’t cause any direct harm to humans and always prefer to stay away from people. However, possums are the primary carriers of Bovine TB, which is a serious infectious disease in livestock. Once infected, the possums need to be given specialised possum removal treatment. Therefore, if you ever come across a possum, your best bet would be to call the expert possum catchers in Melbourne at Orbit.

Possum species Found in Melbourne

In Melbourne, you may come across one of two possum types:

Common Brushtail

Common Brushtail

Common Ringtail

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Signs of Possum inhabitation

If a possum has crashed your pad or set up shop in another cosy nook in your space, you’re going to know it pretty darn quickly. These critters aren’t exactly known for their ninja skills—they’re more of the loud-and-proud type, especially when they’re pulling their shenanigans at night. Daytime, nighttime, doesn’t matter—they’re not shy about making an appearance.

Risk Of Possum Inhabitation

A major infection around your property can have far more serious effects than you might expect. The following reasons will tell you why possums can affect your health and cause financial problems, necessitating possum removal in Melbourne:

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