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An adult rat can squeeze into a hole as small as a quarter.

Rodent Removal Melbourne

As much as you like Mickey Mouse or Jerry, rats can be pretty dangerous and spread a host of diseases. Our homes are perfect for them as we have all the things they need: shelter, food, and water.

These filthy creatures not only spread diseases and contaminate your food items but also harm your property. Many houses face water damage and fire hazards due to a rat infestation. Dealing with a mice infestation is easier said than done, as you need to keep the fear of rats aside and deal with them.

However, why deal with them by yourself when you can just call Orbit Pest Control and get effective rodent removal Melbourne service. We offer very effective and reasonable rat removal services to our customers.

We have years of experience under our belt dealing with pest infestation, including pest control for rats and mice. So, if you are looking for a reliable pest control company, give us a call.

Rat Rodent Control

Types of Rodent Seen in Melbourne

With more than sixty species currently recognized in Australia, rat infestation is widespread. The below-mentioned species are commonly found in houses and offices among these sixty species. Due to their ability to eat various foods, their tiny size, and their short breeding cycle, they are very successful in surviving in our homes. 

In Melbourne, you will find common rodent species:

Central Rock-rat

Norway rat

These rats have a brown colour and have a lifespan of 9 to 12 months. This species is stocky, heavy-bodied, larger, and more aggressive than their cousin rodents.

Golden-backed tree-rat

Roof rats

Due to their excellent climbing abilities, they make their nests in roof voids and buildings. They have a black to light brown colour and were known to have originated in the Indian subcontinent. They have an average lifespan of 9 to 12 months.

Brush-tailed rabbit-rat

House mouse

If you see a mouse with a pointed snout, large rounded ears, and long and hairless tail in your house, you may have a house mouse infestation. They are brown or grey coloured and known to be one of the most dangerous and destructive pests. They carry and transmit viruses, bacteria, and other diseases. They have a lifespan of 12 months.

Now, you know which type of rat has attacked your house. Rodent infestation can cause several health issues in humans and pets. Hence, you must take the help of experts like Orbit Pest Control for mice removal Melbourne services.

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Indications of Rodent Infestation

Sometimes, you may not find rodents at your property to confirm whether your property is under attack from rats. However, some indications will help you decide that a rat infestation is breeding in your house. These indications are:

Rat Rodent Control
Risks Of Rodent Infestation

These are the signs of a rodent infestation in your house. Call our rodent removal Melbourne service in such a scenario and book a reliable and affordable pest control service.

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What Do We Do to Treat Rodent Infestation?

We follow a safe and secure method to remove rodents from your property. Our pest control for rats and mice is one of the most acclaimed services all over the country. We follow a definite process: 


Once you have booked our rodent removal Melbourne service, our pest control exterminators will arrive at the scheduled time. Then, we will conduct a thorough inspection of your property and nearby surroundings to check for any evidence of an infestation.


After a thorough inspection, our expert exterminators will set up a bait system in the areas that rats potentially infest. Our bait system is safe for other pests as we securely set up our baits to eliminate the chances of any non-targeted pets getting poisoned.


When there are no possibilities of bait installation, our teams will use traps for rat removal. We will also ensure total safety regarding traps. 

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If you are looking for a quality rodent removal Melbourne service, call Orbit Pest Control! We will offer you fantastic service at a very reasonable price. Our experts will help you with pest control for rats and mice and make your property free of a rodent infestation quickly and cheaply.


Getting rid of rodents is very necessary to keep your and your pet's health in check. To deal with a rodent infestation, you can try it by yourself. However, it’s very tough to remove them by yourself. The other way is to call expert rat removal Melbourne services like us.

No, doing pest control by yourself can lead to an allergic reaction and can prove to be fatal in extreme cases. Pesticides and chemicals are harmful, and pest control yourself can increase the risk of experiencing allergies. Instead, you can always call experts like Orbit Pest Control to deal with any kind of infestation.

Mice can spread viruses, bacteria, and cause severe health complications. They will also damage your property and contaminate your food. So, instead of paying for repairs and medical bills, it is better to get pest control for rats and mice.

You will find many pest control companies, but if you are looking for the best rat removal in Melbourne, you can always trust Orbit Pest Control. We provide our customers with satisfying and reliable pest control for rats and mice at very cheap rates.

If you want to get quickly rid of rats then book our rodent removal in Melbourne. We offer same-day or next-day services to our customers. With all the latest equipment, our expert exterminators will quickly get rid of the rats from your house.

The cost of our rodent removal Melbourne service will differ according to the severity of the case. Rats can build nests on the rooftops as well. So, treating nests that are far away from normal reach can cost you high money. The cost will also depend on treatment techniques and pesticides used during the pest control.

Professional pest control companies use liquid or gel baits to lure rats from their nests. These baits will be installed in various corners of your house for rats to feed on them. Once the rats find these baits, they will feed on them. Slowly, the pesticide will work wonders and cause them to die.

Rats reproduce very fast and search for new places to dwell. So, you will need to follow all the safety measures our pest control experts provide. This will keep the rats at bay for a long time from your home and keep your house and property rat-free for the foreseeable future.

Rat droppings will be the first sign of a rat infestation. Rats leave greasy smear marks against the wall or surface. This can help you decide about the infestation. Mice usually dig and build burrows for nesting, food source, and shelter. You will discover a pungent and musky odour lingering around your house. These are some of the signs that you have a rat infestation.

Eliminating mice infestation by yourself is risky and causes you a headache. Instead, you can always rely on professional pest control companies that offer rodent removal in Melbourne. We at Orbit Pest Control will help you eradicate mice from your property and provide you with preventive steps to stop them from returning any time soon!

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