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Did you know most beetles only live for a year?

Beetle Pest Control In Melbourne

When it comes to beetle infestation, it is not as scary as some people think. But, at some point, when things become out of your control, these nasty pests can be destructive. Different types of beetles can take shelter in your home or garden.

If you are experiencing a beetle infestation around your residential or commercial property, fret not. Orbit Pest Control has been offering the most effective beetle pest control services in all suburbs of Melbourne. When beetles in or around your property become a nuisance, you need to call an expert for the best solution.

Do you want a professional beetle treatment in Melbourne? Look no further than Orbit Pest Control for controlling and preventing beetles around your property. We are known for Melbourne’s one-stop solution for all-round beetle pest control.

At Orbit Pest Control, you can expect the most reliable and cost-effective beetle control services. We can handle all types of beetle species. Hiring us means you will get a safe and healthy environment for your family, pets, and plants.

Beetle Pest Control

Beetle species Found in Melbourne

There are about 20,000+ species in Australia, however, the most common species found in Melbourne are;

Christmas Beetle

Christmas Beetle

These insects are best found in forests where they can easily reach trees and land. They are known to attack household goods and smash windows.

Eupoeciles Australasiae

Eupoeciles Australasiae

This species of insect can fly well without using its front wings. They are known to eat nectar flowers and to invade your home and ruin the environment.



This species is common in Australia. This species contains 5 species, Eupoecila Evanescens, Eupoecila Australasiae, Eupoecila Inscripta, Eupoecila Intricata, and Eupoecila Miskini.

Calosoma Schayeri

Calosoma Schayeri

This species is easily adapted to various climatic conditions but is most active during the rainy season. It is known to cause a great deal of frustration in areas with bright light.



This type contains 7 types. Their body is oval and shiny while their color varies according to type.

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Signs of Beetle Infestation

Different beetle species impact differently on your property. If the beetles are small, it is difficult to identify. Also, it depends on the level of infestation, like if there is a beginning of a beetle infestation, it may be difficult to notice. Therefore, it is recommended to conduct a self-inspection of your property on a regular basis. It helps in identifying the pest infestation if there is any damage to your belongings, etc.

Once you find the damage to items in your home or business, make sure to look for droppings or a bristle skin of beetles. You may also find some other possible signs, such as munching on fabric or furniture or some kind of pests crawling near your window or door. This may usually be seen during hot or spring seasons when these pests make their way outside.

Also, don’t forget to look for the damage in the garden, clothing items, and carpets. There are high chances of carpet beetle infestation in hotels or even in homes. You may also experience some itchy sensations when you wear clothes. This could be a sign of beetle infestation.

Signs of Beetle inhabitation
Risks Of Beetle Infestation

Why Is Carpet Beetle Control Treatment Necessary?

When we talk about carpet beetles, they have been one of the common pests all through history. Carpet beetles are also continued to be a major concern for residential and commercial properties in Melbourne. You cannot get rid of the beetle problem on your own. The best way to eliminate carpet beetles from your property is to use effective and proven treatment.

In addition to carpet beetles, you can find other beetle species as well. They can damage your garden and your belongings inside the home. Some of the common damage to your property by different types of beetles includes:

Most beetle species do not bite, but a few of them are harmful for humans and animals. The bite of beetles is more painful than bed bug bites. This may also lead to allergic reactions.

Instead of using DIY treatment to control beetle infestation, it is better to take the help of beetle pest control experts. We at Orbit Pest Control offers the best beetle treatment Melbourne options to give you peace of mind. Our treatments ensure to remove any type of beetles from your property in a short time. 

We’re on call 24/7 to react promptly to your emergencies.

Our Beetle Pest Control Procedure

We at Orbit Pest Control follow all the essential steps to remove these nasty pests from your property. Our beetle pest control service involves a three-step procedure. Once the treatment is completed, we ensure that there is no pest left behind. We eliminate all chances of getting another infestation in the future. Our beetle pest control treatment consists of:


First of all, our pest control experts will thoroughly inspect your property. It is conducted to identify the type of beetle species, the level of infestation, its root cause, damage in and around your property, and other factors.

Treatment Plan

Once the inspection is done, our professionals will create a customised treatment plan based on the entire evaluation. We also consider your specific requirements while creating a treatment plan. It will also include the timeline, treatment option you have chosen, prevention guidelines, and others.


We will carry out the elimination process with great proficiency and efficiency based on the treatment. We do not leave anything that is included in the plan. We also keep you updated with the step-wise procedure. If there is a severe infestation, it may require more than one type of treatment.

Why Choose Orbit Pest Control?

The beetle pest control technicians at Orbit Pest Control use special tools and equipment to identify and eradicate beetles from your home or business. We use advanced methods and solutions to efficiently get rid of all types of beetles. We are known for offering the most effective beetle treatment in Melbourne.

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Frequently Asked Question

There are various ways to get rid of beetles in your house. These include using a vacuum on a regular basis, using insecticides formulated specifically for beetles, trying to keep items in plastic bags, and using glue traps. You can also use a professional beetle pest control service at Orbit Pest Control.

We inspect the property to find all possible aspects of beetle infestation. Our technicians cover each area in and around your property. We use safe and eco-friendly pest control methods and products to keep your family, pets, and plants safe. We guarantee to conduct an effective beetle control service.

If there are beetles in your garden, make sure to take out cut flowers from your yard immediately. This can be one reason for entering adult beetles into your home. You can also use insect traps or insecticides to prevent getting an infestation worse. If DIY treatments do not work, don’t delay contacting our team for the best treatment.

Don't take this situation lightly whether you have beetles in your home or yard. You need to take quick action – either using DIY treatments or calling a professional. For these pests, sticky traps can be effective, or you can opt for insecticides. Hiring a beetle control professional offers the best method to eradicate these pests completely. It is so because these professionals also work on preventing an infestation from coming back in the future.

The cost of beetle removal varies from one service to another. It depends on various factors, such as size and type of property, the level of infestation, location of your property, number of visits of professionals, type of treatment, and others. We at Orbit Pest Control ensure to provide affordable beetle control services in all suburbs of Melbourne.

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