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A female housefly can lay up to 600 eggs in her short lifetime.

Fly Control Melbourne

With over 7700 species of flies scattered across the nation, each favouring different climatic conditions, effective fly control is more essential than ever.

In urban settings, preventing access to food sources is a crucial step towards controlling fly populations. Maintaining closed bins, ensuring regular and efficient waste disposal, and upholding high standards of sanitation and hygiene can significantly reduce breeding sites for flies, thus decreasing their numbers. 

Our comprehensive approach involves a thorough survey and inspection of your location before executing any fly infestation treatment. We consider both adult flies and their larvae, aiming to locate potential breeding sites. If these are found near areas requiring adult fly control, we recommend improving general sanitation practices alongside our pest control methods.

We utilise both chemical and non-chemical methods for fly removal in Melbourne. However, as adult flies keep arriving, we advocate for physical exclusion wherever possible. Given that prevalent pest fly species breed rapidly in warm weather, and resistance to regularly applied pesticides can develop, we ensure to adapt our practices by swapping to different action group products when necessary.

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Fly species Found in Melbourne

The Most Commonly Found Flies in Melbourne are:

House Fly

Fruit Fly

Fruit Fly

Bush Fly

Bush Fly

fly control

Blow Fly

Fly species Found in Melbourne

The Most Commonly Found Flies in Melbourne are:

Bluebottle Flies

Known for their attraction to decaying matter, Bluebottle flies pose a significant health risk. They can transfer bacteria onto food, causing potential harm to humans. Fly control in Melbourne is essential to tackle this problem.

Bush Flies

These pests are known for their annoying behaviour of swarming around humans and animals, potentially spreading diseases. Effective fly removal in Melbourne can help minimize their impact.

Cluster Flies

Cluster flies, often found in large groups in homes or buildings, can be a nuisance and a potential health hazard. Our fly infestation treatment can help eliminate these pests.

Drain Flies

Drain flies breed in drains, sewers, or stagnant water bodies and can carry pathogens, posing a health risk. Avail our fly pest control in Melbourne to address this issue.

Fermentation Flies

These flies are attracted to fermented materials and can contaminate food and beverages, posing health risks. Our fly control services in Melbourne can manage these pests effectively.

Flesh Flies

Flesh flies breed in decaying organic matter and can carry diseases. Our fly removal services in Melbourne can help keep these pests at bay.

Fruit Flies

Known for their rapid reproduction, fruit flies can contaminate food and spread diseases. Our fly infestation treatment can help control these pests.

Horse Flies

Horse flies can bite and transmit diseases. Our fly pest control services in Melbourne can help protect you from these pests.


House Flies

House flies, common worldwide, can spread diseases by contaminating food and surfaces. Avail our fly control services in Melbourne to tackle this issue.

Lacewings Flies

Although not typically dangerous to humans, Lacewings can be a nuisance. Effective fly removal in Melbourne can help manage these insects.

We leave no signs of a fly infestation behind. Get a FREE Quote, Contact us Today

We leave no signs of a fly infestation behind. Get a FREE Quote, Contact us Today.

Signs of Fly Infestation in Your Property

Noticing a couple of flies in and around your home during the summer is perfectly normal and nothing to be concerned about. However, it becomes a matter of concern when you observe a noticeable increase in their numbers.

An increased number of flies

If you notice this, make sure to look for the infected areas around your property. These can be waste bins, waste or rotten tyres in the backyard, open gutters or other water sources. You should also check for waterlogged plants in pots.


Flies tend to breed nearby their food sources. So, make sure to check for their eggs near waste areas and rotting food.

Masses of small dark spots

They are usually found in difficult areas to clean, such as drains, cracks in the walls, cavities around the sink, and under the damaged tile flooring.

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How Can Our Fly Removal Melbourne Professionals Help You?

We are one of the experienced fly control Melbourne service providers. We have years of experience and comprehensive knowledge about different types of fly species. We know how to handle severe fly infestation in residential and commercial properties. We provide various effective indoor and outdoor treatment options. We recommend the most suitable fly infestation treatment based on the pest problem in and around your property.

We combine different methods and a variety of products to treat the infestation. This combination works effectively to control and remove the severe infestation.

Types of Flies We Treat in Melbourne

Our fly infestation treatment in all suburbs of Melbourne is effective in controlling and removing different types of flies. These include Horse flies, Bluebottle flies, Cluster flies, Fruit flies, House flies, Drain flies, Lacewing Flies, Houseflies, Fermentation Flies, Flesh Flies, and Bush flies.

Orbit Pest Control is a one-stop solution for all these fly infestations. We are highly capable of handling and treating any type of infestation. We specialize in using the latest methods and advanced tools and equipment. We know how to trap and eliminate all kinds of flies in your home or business.

The best part of working with our team is to get 100% safe and eco-friendly service. This leads us never to pose any health or environmental risk.

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Professional Fly Infestation Treatment

Flies are not something that any person loves to have in their home. These pests can transmit various diseases easily from one person to another. So, the best idea is to keep them away from your home. You can use DIY techniques to eliminate them. When the situation gets out of control, and you are unable to eradicate flies, you need to call a professional at Orbit Pest Control in Melbourne.

If you do find any sign of fly infestation, call us immediately. We believe in working closely with clients and keeping their safety and comfort first. We also provide same-day fly removal Melbourne service. One of our experts will reach your place immediately once we get a call from you for same-day service. We will inspect all aspects in and around your home.

With our expertise and the use of advanced technology for pest control, we ensure to make your home environment safe and healthy to live in. We care for your family and property as much as you do.

We’re on call 24/7 to react promptly to your emergencies.

How Does Orbit Pest Control Work For Fly Removal


Once you book your service, our experts will visit your place for a thorough inspection. We look for all possibilities of existing and future infestation. We analyse the type of flies, the extent of infestation and damage, their source of existence, etc.

Treatment Plan

We will create a personalised solution to protect your property and your family based on the inspection results. We will share all details about the elimination procedure and the estimated timeline. We will tell you about the expected results.

Fly Removal Treatment Process

We will use eco-friendly and safe methods to control and treat a fly infestation. This will include different types of treatments depending on the extent of an infestation and other factors. All our methods and products are safe and effective in eliminating these pests.

Future Prevention

Apart from providing treatment, we also focus on prevention methods to get long-lasting results. We do everything to prevent future infestation.

Why Choose Orbit Pest Control?

If you are residing in Melbourne and looking for the best fly control Melbourne service, you should call Orbit Pest Control for effective results. Choose our fly infestation treatment in Melbourne because:

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At Orbit Pest Control, we provide a range of fly control services at reasonable prices. If you want to get rid of flies now, hire us today. Call us on (03) 4328 3101 to book an inspection, and we will reach your place soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

DIY solution is a simple way to handle a mild situation. But, if these flies start becoming a nuisance, the best way is to take the help of a pest control professional to eliminate the fly infestation completely.

The pest control professionals will provide you with the instructions for the actions that you can and cannot take once the treatment is completed. But, generally, it is recommended to take your kids and pets out of the property for a few hours. Also, don’t use a vacuum for a couple of days to get effective results from the treatment.

We do an inspection of the property and identify all possible factors. We will create a treatment plan that involves safe and eco-friendly methods, tools, and products.

No, there is no need to clean the house immediately after pest control. It is so because the effectiveness of the pest control treatment may wipe away. Cleaning is completely on you, but it is advisable to keep a difference of a couple of days.

Yes, flies do spread diseases. These diseases usually spread with their legs and bodies when flies sit onto your food and contaminate it. Flies carry bacteria and fungi that can easily be passed onto your food and make you sick.

DIY treatments for flies are not as effective as professional treatment. You can use DIY treatment when there are one or two flies, but only professional treatment will work effectively for severe infestation. Also, professionals have all the advanced tools, equipment, and products to control and remove pests safely.

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