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Did you know Female bugs can lay over 500 eggs in a lifetime?

Bed Bugs Pest Control in Melbourne

In recent decades, Melbourne has experienced a rise in incidents involving bed bugs. These pests commonly inhabit places such as hospitals, backpacker accommodations, cinemas, hotels, and various other locations. So, it becomes important to contact a bed bug professional as soon as possible. Don’t wait any more when you find a sign of bed bugs in your home or business. Just call Orbit Pest Control immediately!

It is true that bed bugs disturb your sleep and give you itchy skin through their bites. Bed bugs can also grow in sofas and furnishings. They usually bite when you are asleep and cause bite marks. These bites can further lead to severe inflammation and itching. Here, we at Orbit Pest Control can help you with this situation.

We provide effective bed bugs pest control services in all suburbs of Melbourne. So, just contact our team as soon as you have any signs of bed bugs in your home. Though bed bugs are difficult to recognise, their blood stains on beddings are the major sign of their existence. We are able to eliminate bed bugs from your property swiftly. We also provide prevention methods to avoid future infestations.

It is recommended to take the help of bed bug heat treatment at Orbit Pest Control based on the level of infestation on your property. Our bed bug treatment options in Melbourne are designed to provide enduring results, with a primary goal of ensuring a safe living environment for our clients.

Bed Bug Species Found in Melbourne

Before you start researching on how to get rid of bed bugs in Australia, you should be able to identify the insects. There are two types of Australian Bed Bugs that feed on human blood!

Cimex lectularius treatment melbourne


Cimex lectularius is a common bed bug that eats humans, bats and birds. These types identify objects with a relatively high body temperature. Humans are the masterminds of these insects.

cimex hemipterus control melbourne


Cimex hemipterus is a tropical bed bug infestation commonly found in tropical areas. These bed bugs are illegal insects that live in the same area as their host. Hot bed bugs feed at night and can travel up to 60 feet to sleeping quarters.

We leave no signs of bed bugs infestation behind. Get a FREE Quote, Contact us Today.

We leave no signs of bed bugs infestation behind. Get a FREE Quote, Contact us Today On

Hazards Caused by Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are those nasty pests that do not let you sleep peacefully after a hard day at work. Some people experience inflammation and itchy skin as a result of bed bug bites. Sometimes, it can result in shocks that are fatal. Dealing with bed bugs on your own is not an easy task as they are hard to detect.

Orbit Pest Control offers cost-effective and highly safe bed bugs Melbourne solutions to homeowners and business owners. We locate the infestation and its level of severity to provide the correct bed bug control in Melbourne. We aim to eliminate bed bugs completely and also assist you with prevention tips.

Bed Bugs control melbourne

Professional Bed Bugs Treatment Melbourne

The licensed and experienced experts at Orbit Pest Control take care of everything in detail. Each aspect of the situation is taken into account from inspection to creating a treatment plan. We use different techniques to track down the bed bugs in your home or business. We are equipped with the latest tools and equipment and use innovative methods to remove bed bugs.

We are well-recognised for providing bed bugs treatment in Melbourne both efficiently and quickly. We guarantee to remove bed bugs from all belongings, such as furniture and luggage. After evaluating the situation, we recommend the best treatment options to get rid of the bed bug problems.

All our used methods are environmentally friendly and safe. We also use bed bug heat treatment to reduce the need of using chemical treatments. Our experts know how to identify the infestation area and avoid future infestations as well.

Our Bed Bugs Pest Control Procedure

We believe in working closely with our clients. We explain each step of the treatment and keep our process transparent. Our bed bug control in Melbourne consists of three steps to remove these pests from your property.


We start our service with a thorough inspection of your property. Our experts will carry out a detailed investigation to determine their existence and level of infestation. This will further help offer various treatment options and estimate our service.

Treatment Plan

We use advanced methods to remove bed bugs from your property. Our main aim is to deliver the most effective results. We focus on each area of the property, mainly where there are high possibilities of bed bugs hiding as well as feeding. The common spots of bed bug infestation are beddings, mattresses, cracks, and furniture. We are committed to using safe and highly effective bed bugs pest control products. We also use bed bug heat treatment if required.

Prevention Tips

The one-time treatment is not sufficient for permanent results. You need to follow certain preventive measures to ensure that these pests do not return. We will assist you in taking preventive actions to get rid of bed bugs for a long time.

Why Choose Orbit Pest Control?

Orbit Pest Control is a one-stop solution for all kinds of pest problems. We offer reliable, safe, and affordable bed bugs treatment Melbourne services. Our solutions ensure to protect your family and your property. We create a personalised bed bug treatment plan based on the initial inspection to get long-term pest removal results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find numerous chemicals available in stores to eliminate bed bugs on your property. But these products are not safe for you and your family’s health. If you want safe, eco-friendly, and long-term results, just get in touch with Orbit Pest Control.

Traveling is one of the most common causes of bed bug infestations. These bed bugs transit from one person to another, clothing, luggage, or other belongings. They are usually unnoticed by humans.

The first signs and symptoms of bed bugs presence are the bites on your or your family member. Your bed, mattress, and surrounding areas may disclose the bed bugs infestation. Another sign is the small blood stains on your bedsheet, bedding, or mattress. There may be a sweet, musty odour when there is a severe infestation.

Yes, bed bugs carry infections and cause various health issues. Bed bugs can easily transmit infected human pathogens from one person to another.

Bed bugs and their eggs are carried in your home by visiting an infested area. You also get bed bugs from infested items, such as furniture, clothing, and backpacks. These pests also enter your home from people who have visited infested places, such as the subway, movie theatre, or hotel.

You can find bed bugs in cushions, chairs, sofas, mattresses, cracks in the walls, and others.

One of the most common signs of bed bug infestation is seeing little insects crawling on your bed or furniture. You may also feel like something is crawling on your skin during the night. Other signs are bite marks and small blood stains on the bedsheet or on the mattress.

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