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Did you know only female mosquitoes bite humans?

Mosquito Pest Control Treatment in Melbourne

Mosquitoes are a nuisance, mainly because they carry a wide range of diseases. But the most annoying and painful part about mosquitoes is the bite. Orbit Pest Control can provide you with the best mosquito pest control service as per your need. 

Our mosquito control company in Melbourne ensures that you receive extensive and safe mosquito treatment. Equipped with the latest technologies and tools, we deliver a perfectly tailored plan for you. Our expert team and certified specialists work consistently to keep you and your loved ones safe from the diseases spread by these pests.

Our experienced mosquito control team has gained an excellent reputation over the years. We guarantee absolute customer satisfaction and safety along with the best mosquito control.

Mosquito bites are harmful to humans and other mamals

Mosquito Species Found in Melbourne

There are 300 species of mosquitoes found in Australia. The most common mosquitoes are:

Aedes camptorhynchus

Aedes camptorhynchus

Aedes notoscriptus

Aedes notoscriptus

Aedes vigilax

Aedes vigilax

Anopheles annulipes s.l.

Anopheles annulipes s.l.

Culex quinquefasciatus

Culex quinquefasciatus

Culex annulirostris

Culex annulirostris

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Why is a Timely Mosquito Treatment Necessary?

Australia alone has over 300 species of mosquitoes. While most of them are harmless and do not bite, there are few that can harm us to a certain extent, requiring outdoor mosquito control.

Mosquitoes Pest Control in Melbourne Process

Being a reputed pest control company, we ensure your property is free of pests by following a systematic 4-step procedure. The procedure is conducted meticulously while considering your needs alongside the survey.


Foremost, when you request the mosquito’s pest control, our certified technicians will visit and inspect your property. All the breeding grounds and entry points for mosquitoes will be tracked during the inspection. Water sources are the most likely breeding grounds so those will be checked as well.

Also, the level of infestation within your premises and the type of treatment required for it will be suggested accordingly. You can choose the treatment you feel would be the best for you.


Based on the inspection and your choice, an ideal mosquito treatment plan will be tailored for you. The mosquito treatment plan will involve the type of treatment required and the timeline for the treatment. Other specific instructions or guidelines to follow for the residents of the property will be communicated if there are any.

The plan will also give an overview of the expected outcome and many other details that need to be taken into account. You will be updated about the treatment and all other essential details prior to the execution of the plan. Our company ensures you a transparent and convenient service experience.


The mosquito bite treatment provided by our company consists of a wide range of methods. The treatment options include biological or physical methods. Apart from those, pesticides and fogging are also an option. The health and well-being of our customers remain the top priority during the process. Hence, pesticides and other treatments do not contain harmful chemicals and products. 

The extermination procedure may contain a mixture of several methods. However, the treatments would be ideal and necessary to obtain the best outcome.


The plan improvised by mosquitoes pest control is to provide you with the best possible results for the given timeline. For a long-term mosquito control plan, there are a few tips and strategies we advise you to follow as per your environment. It may help you lower the population of mosquitoes within your premises.

Why is Orbit Pest Control Services an Ideal Choice?

Orbit Pest Control is a renowned and reputed mosquito control company in Melbourne. Here, we promise you sheer commitment, tenacity, and quality service. 

The requirements and well-being of our customers top our priority list. This is what drives us to adhere to all the safety measures. We provide you with the best mosquito bite treatment services.

We’re on call 24/7 to react promptly to your emergencies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, our pest control does provide mosquitoes pest control as one of our services. Our services include various locations like cafe, office, residential, restaurant, hospitality, end of lease, and commercial services. Our pest control team will visit your property and conduct a thorough pest control procedure.

To get rid of mosquitoes in your yard, you can use various methods and strategies. Firstly, you need to mow your grass and trim your shrubs and trees from time to time. You also need to make sure that all sources of standing water are eliminated to prevent any breeding of mosquitoes. 

You can use various pesticides that do not contain harmful chemicals and are safe to use. Also, there are mosquito traps and repellent sprays that can aid you. 

You can use several home remedies if there are a few mosquitoes in your house. But if the infestation is pretty bad or continuous, we suggest requesting mosquito treatment services from Orbit Pest Control. 

We ensure your premises are mosquito-free for a period of time. We also advise you some tips to prevent long-term infestation of mosquitoes in accordance with your environment.

The mosquito barrier treatment takes approximately 20-30 minutes. The time may vary as per the size of the yard or your property. Each treatment lasts up to 20-21 days and another treatment is scheduled after that.

During the barrier treatment, you, your family members and your pets are suggested to stay indoors for safety concerns. You are free to enter your yard after 30 minutes when the treatment has dried.

The best method to control mosquitoes from your house is to not allow them entry in the first place. You can use meshes or screens on your doors and windows to limit access. Removing stagnant water sources and refilling them at intervals can help as well. 

You can also use repellents or sprays if you feel the need to. But the best option would be to call mosquitoes pest control. This allows your house to stay mosquito-free for a long period of time.

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