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Do you wish to get rid of pesky bugs in your house or business? Orbit Pest Control is a leading pest control company in Mitcham. We guarantee that all pests are removed from both residential and commercial locations. Effective pest control methods are available at reasonable prices.

When you call us for pest control, we will respond quickly. We endeavour to return your property to you pest-free in a timely manner. We’ll conduct a pest inspection to determine the source of the infestation and its severity. We’ll devise a treatment plan that’s unique to you, utilising cutting-edge technology and environmentally safe methods. Get the best quote by contacting us right now!

Why Choose Us For Pest Control Services in Mitcham?

At Orbit Pest Control, we understand that pests can cause serious damage to your property and compromise the health of your family or employees. That’s why we offer comprehensive pest control services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients in Mitcham and the surrounding suburbs.

  • Certified Professionals: Our professional pest control team in Mitcham is certified to deal with various types of pests. Whether you are dealing with termites, cockroaches, mice and rats, bees, wasps, possums, snakes, bed bugs, fleas, mosquitoes, flies, fruit fly, bugs, birds, or any other pest control service – our team of experts has the knowledge and expertise to eradicate pests from your home or business.

  • Commercial Pest Control:  We understand that pests can cause serious damage to businesses, which is why we offer commercial pest control services as well. Our team can assist property owners with preventative measures to minimise their risk of a pest infestation in their business. We can help you keep your property pest-free, regardless of the industry you are in – from warehousing to tourism.

  • Experienced Professionals: Our team of experts has years of experience dealing with various types of pests in Australian homes and businesses. We have seen it all and have been trained to deal with pests safely and effectively. You can trust us to use the latest and most effective pest control methods to eliminate pests from your property.

  • Affordable Prices: At Orbit Pest Control, we believe that pest control services should be affordable for everyone. We keep our prices competitive without compromising on the quality of our services. You can trust us for a hassle-free solution that allows you to reclaim your home or business and sleep easy once again.

Choose Orbit Pest Control for all your pest control needs in Mitcham. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to request a free quote. Our team of experts is ready to help you get rid of pests for good.

We’re available round the clock to resolve your pest queries.


Flea Pest Control

You will undoubtedly receive the greatest and most cost-effective flea pest control treatment at Orbit Pest Control. If you’re concerned about an increase in the number of fleas in your home or office, we can assist. Our pest control technicians are well-versed in dealing with flea infestations. They’ve dealt with flea infestations before, and they know what they’re doing.

Our first purpose is to eliminate pests from your house or company. We also make certain that our flea control treatments have no negative consequences for the environment. We’re also known for our ability to avoid subsequent infestations.

Bed Bugs Treatment

Professional bed bug treatments are the most effective means of dealing with any type of bed insect infestation. Orbit Pest Control provides this service. We recognise that treating bed bugs at home is a difficult and time-consuming operation. We have a team of professional pest control technicians who have helped hundreds of Mitcham and surrounding suburbs residents.

We identify bed bugs, the indicators of an infestation, and employ the most effective strategies for resolving all types of bed insect issues. We want to provide you peace of mind by ensuring that your house and workplace are free of bed bugs.

Moth Pest Control Treatment In Melbourne

Moth Control In Mitcham

Adult moths aren’t dangerous to people, but they can ruin your clothes, carpets, and other belongings. Orbit Pest Control can help you with moth control if you have a moth problem in your home. We will assist you in eliminating minor to significant moth infestations.

They are difficult to detect until the damage has occurred. If you suspect a moth infestation, contact our staff, and we’ll be there to evaluate the situation as quickly as possible. We guarantee that our Mitcham moth control services will produce the required outcomes. We want to provide you with a healthy and secure environment to live in.

Silverfish Control

Have you discovered any holes in your clothing? Have you recently discovered that your carpet has been eaten? These could be signs that your home is infested with silverfish. Silverfish are a pest that can harm a variety of goods in your home. To minimise further damage, you should seek the assistance of a professional silverfish control provider.

We’ll arrange an inspection right away and make sure to provide silverfish control that’s effective, simple, and inexpensive. Our technicians are trained in a variety of silverfish removal methods. We employ techniques that are safe for both pets and children.

Silverfish Pest Control In Melbourne
Mosquito Pest Control

Ant Control In Mitcham

Are you having issues with ants? If so, Orbit Pest Control, one of Australia’s leading pest control companies, can assist you with ant control. We have skilled and friendly technicians ensuring that ant control treatments are completed to the highest standards. We identify the ant species and develop a treatment strategy based on research findings.

We only use products and procedures that are safe for you, your family, and your pets. Our ant control and removal services are effective both inside and outside your home. Choosing us ensures that you get the safest and quickest outcomes possible.

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Are you looking for a low-cost pest control service in Mitcham? Orbit Pest Control is the company to call. To achieve an insect-free living environment, call us at (03) 4328 3101. You can also reach out to us for effective commercial pest treatment in Mitcham and the surrounding areas.

Other Pest Control Services

When it comes to pest infestations of any kind, Orbit Pest Control has the best solutions for all types of pest issues. Our residential pest control Mitcham services include the following:

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