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St Kilda has sunny weather and this makes a perfect environment for pests to live, nest, and multiply. Hence, pest infestations are very common in the suburb. These infestations can not only damage your property but can also harm your health.

This is where Orbit Pest Control comes to your rescue. We offer commercial as well as residential pest control St Kilda services. We are a professional and reliable pest control service provider that can deal with any type and size of infestation in a very cost-effective way.

We are known for beetle pest control, fly control, borer control, silverfish control, and cockroach control. Additionally, we have one of the best services when it comes to offering other residential pest control in St Kilda services like:

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Wasp Control

When you see a wasp nest in your backyard, you will first think of your own safety, as it can sting you and cause an infection. But they are not only harmful to us, as these insects can also cause extensive damage to your property as well.

So, to avoid that, it is better you hire a professional pest control company like Orbit Pest Control. We offer reliable pest control in St Kilda and nearby suburbs to safely help residents deal with wasp infestation.

Plus, you need not have to pay astronomical money to deal with infestations. We provide cheap yet quality services to our customers.

Bed Bugs Treatment

Bed bugs will affect your sleep and deprived you of a sound sleep at night. This can lead to various health conditions and diseases. So, rather than paying huge amounts of money to hospitals, hiring a professional pest control service is better.

We at Orbit Pest Control will help you deal with bed bugs infestation. We will remove them from your home completely and provide you with a sound sleep at night. So, call us and book our bed bug pest control in St Kilda today!

fire ants infestation

Ant Control

Many people think that ants are harmless. These little insects will not harm you, right? Well, don’t ever think that. One sting from ants can inflict pain and can prove to be allergic in extreme conditions.

So, it is better to control ant colonies. For that, you just have to contact us and tell us about the pest problem. Our experienced staff will safely deal with ant colonies and remove them from your property.

Rat Rodent Control

Rats are one of the most dangerous creatures on the earth. They can spread various diseases and plagues. So, instead of suffering from diseases, it is better you call an expert pest control service, like Orbit Pest Control.

We are one of the best when it comes to dealing with rat infestation. We use traps and another method to eradicate rats and rodents from your house. Plus, you need not have to pay a huge amount of money to get rid of them. 

Rat Rodent Control

Flea Pest Control

Fleas are parasites that will live and feed on your pet’s blood. They will suck the blood and irritate your pets. If you see your pets scratching and grooming often, they might be troubled by fleas.

If not treated on time, it can also cause infection in humans. So, call us and save your pet from flea problems. We will inspect your house and take further steps after that. We will remove the infestation from the roots to prevent it from returning.

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So, if you want to get rid of various pest infestations from your house, give our Pest Control in St Kilda a call and we will eradicate them effectively and cheaply. 

Other Pest Control Services

Apart from these services, we offer

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