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Pest Control Pakenham

Welcome to Orbit Pest Control, a trusted pest control company in Australia, offering a wide range of pest control services in Pakenham. We very well understand the effects of these unwanted guests on families, businesses, and communities. We are known as the most experienced and reliable pest control Pakenham service provider. We can help you with treating and preventing any pest problem in your home and business.

We believe that no pest control job is too small or too big if it is handled with great proficiency and efficiency. We have a team of highly trained and professional technicians who know how to deal with all kinds of pest infestations without harming the inside and outside environment.

We’re available round the clock to resolve your pest queries.


Wasp Control

Wasps Control are one of the major pest issues, especially when you have kids and pets at your home. A single sting can be painful and can cause serious health problems. We can help you eliminate wasps from your place by using eco-friendly and safe products. We offer quick and fast wasp elimination and removal at a reasonable price than other service providers in Pakenham.

We carry out an inspection and make a treatment plan that ensures to give the desired results. Call us anytime to arrange treatment and escape from nasty stings.

Ant Control

Ants can be annoying when you will see them all around your home or business. Biting ants can be painful and a great concern for kids and pets. We can help you in eliminating an ant problem with a lasting solution. We start this process with a thorough inspection, identify ant species, and then create the best treatment.

We use safe and advanced ant control techniques to eliminate the nest completely. We create plans depending on the severity of the infestation and your needs.

fire ants infestation
Rat Rodent Control

Rat Rodent Control

Rodents are not cute furry creatures, and also they are disease-carrying pests that can damage food and property. If you find any sign of rodents’ existence in your property, we are here to deal with it quickly. After a thorough inspection, we will design an effective rodent control program.

We also discuss safety concerns before carrying out rodent control treatment. We work our best and put all our efforts into ensuring that we are offering the best solution to you.

Flea Pest Control

Fleas are quite common in homes, especially when they have pets. But, still, fleas can be found due to one or another reason. Flea bites for some people and pets can cause irritation, while they can be allergic reaction and rashes for some people.

Orbit Pest Control offers safe and effective flea control services. We create a suitable flea control treatment for your home and pets to get a successful elimination of fleas. Our technicians are familiar with different types of fleas. We ensure that all flea control treatments are completely safe for your family and pets.


Beg Bugs Treatment

Bed bugs are small pests that usually cause itchy bites. They are more likely to live on the bed and move to your clothing, furniture, bedding, etc. We create bed bugs control treatment based on what has been affected by them. We use a combination of effective products, heat, and vacuuming to get rid of a bed bug problem.

If you suspect bed bugs on your bed or furniture, we can help you in arranging an immediate treatment.

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Whatever pest control problem you are dealing with, we are here to provide cost-effective pest control solutions. So call us on (03) 4328 3101 and book us for an inspection today.

Other Pest Control Services

Other safe and efficient residential pest control Pakenham services offered by Orbit Pest Control include:

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